Player Waiting List

To be added to the Waiting List send the following information to 
Player:  First and Last Name
Info:     Height, age if over 35 (Masters), Position and years played, what level played (HS, community, college, university, pro) and whatever else makes you sound great
Contact: Email and/or phone number

Player: Tai Robichaud
Info: I'm a 5'10 guard at either the 1 or a small ball 2. I played highschool ball for 2 years before they cancelled my senior season. In grade 9 I averaged 11 points per, and last year on varsity mens I averaged 7 points per to go with 4 assists a game. My strong suits are shooting, playmaking, and can lock other guards on the perimeter. I'm looking for a summer team as I turn 18 at the end of May. 
Player: Wiltosso Neufeld
Info: I am a 5’9 baller, I played competitively high school won a provincial championship, I am athletic I can get boards steals points assist, I play PG shooting G, I am hoping to play in the most competitive division.
Player: Julian Regino
Info: I'm a 5'9 shooting guard, 37 years old, the last time I played organized basketball was in junior high, many many years ago. I have a basic concept of the rules. Overall, I'm a well conditioned athlete as I play hockey on a regular basis. I'm mainly looking to try a different activity while getting some good exercise out of it. I think I would be best suited for the lowest division possible, and preferably looking to play on Thursday nights.
Contact: 403-797-3139 /
Player: Brendon Blanchard
Info: I'm new to town looking to play some ball. 20, male,  6'2 205 lbs right now. Not very skilled but I'm into it. Played a bit in highschool but haven't been on the court for a while unfortunately. Desperate to play some sports. Get active, find some teams, groups to train with on and off the court. 
Player: Nathan Yoageeswaran
Info: Can play 1, 2 or 3 position. Haven't played competitive since high school, but i like to think I can still ball! 38yrs young. 5'11. Decent shape. High basketball  IQ.
Player: Steven Gim
Info: 48 yo, 6'0" and play like a small forward (the numbers are meaningless to me) except my shooting is a big ? since I have not played in about 5 years. Something to do with having kids. I like playing defense and rebounding. I like to play hard because that is fun, but I have to go to work on Monday and do not expect any shoe contracts.  I was not on a high school team and have not been recruited by the NBA yet.
Contact: Jeremiah Stanley
Info: I’m 37 male looking to be added to the waiting list for player please and thanks
Player: Jason Ayles
Info: 6' 37 years old No specific position Played in high school in Salmon Arm BC. I am a 4th degree blackbelt in TaeKwon-Do and a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I Placed in the top 8 in the 2013 World championships in Birmingham England in heavy weight sparring. I am teachable and a team player with no ego. Looking forward to getting on the court!
Player: Eugene Kirton
Info: Looking to play in a relaxed league but would like something at my skill level.6ft3 ..230 played so many years can't remember just picup games now.Ladt time I played organized ball we won the masters but I'm  64yr old now but in good shape played high-school and 1yr of college way back in the day70s
Contact: 403 613 2006
Player: Kenny Crow Eagle
Info: 40 looking to play in masters. Prefer point guard but can play off the ball too. Also have 2 years of college ball experience.
Contact: 2369829033
Player: Cameron Brown
Info: 6’2, 215 pounds 39 years old (played ball for over  25  Years)  Can play point, shooting guard, small Forward!  Best Quality’s would be my D and shooting
Player: Brennan Tropolins
Info: 6’3 185 20 years old (played high school) can dunk, shoot  and play 1-3! Shoot and play Tough D man to man
Player: Trunell Clarke
Info: I’m 26 still playing like I’m fresh out of high school haha. I’m 6’1 and a shooter who can dribble, great vision. Moved from the east coast and I’m trying to compete in this league. Looking to play in September 2021.
Player: Milton Harris

Info: 5’ 11 shooting guard. I’m 38 years old. I just moved into town from Vancouver. I played high school basketball competitively and then played street ball until I was 30. I haven’t played much in a few years with the family and work life but would love to get back into it. I can ball and my effort is always 100% but the conditioning might need some work in the beginning. Looking to join a mid-range division for now.

Contact: or 236-334-6468

Player: Zach Welten

Info: 29 years old 6 foot 3 260 lbs altheltic Dman and strong rebounder. Havent played competitive since HS but just retired for the AFL(alberta football league) as a 2 time all star Slot back.

Player: Andrew Freedman
Info: 6 foot 4, 28 years old, play the 2 or 3 position well. Played ball through high school won Div 1 cities at 15, took some years off, played and practiced hard this summer. Good shooter, play maker and can finish in the paint. Love to have fun and appreciate sportsmanship. As I get my feet back I’d be good for a mid or low level division.
Contact: (403)498-6261
Player: Phil Zakaria
Info:  I am a 5'10 guard, age is 39. I used to play pretty competitive but now I'm old and talk about the good ol days. Still in pretty good shape and game ready. If any teams are looking for an extra player I would love to join. 
Player Name: Travis Wegener
Info: 6'2, 220lbs very in shape & athletic Usually play 2 or 3, Looking for a consistent team at lower division play. 4 years in Div F & G
If you need a great team mate who will make 100% of the games & give it my all send me an email. Looking to get started ASAP.
Name: Nathan Lee
Info: 46 Height: 5'11 HS / Div3 Provicials I am looking  for a competitive team that is in the  masters league. I can shoot well and have great court awareness including good passing skills. I want to find a team that is social and competitive.
Contact: 403-589-4396/
Player: Lucas Jose
Info: guard/shooting guard  Height: 5'8  I have never played professionally, high school or college level but I have played recreationally all over the city for the past 18 years
Contact info: 403 708-0649 joselucas80@hotmail
Player: Pete Leger
Info: 41yrs, 6’1, 190lbs, point/shooting Guard
Played high school, college, multiple leagues and CSMBA Masters league from 2015 to 2019. Was #4 Point Guard for Windcity. Solid defender, decent shooter, great ball handler, pass first kinda player. Able to rebound and post smaller guards up. Need to work on conditioning. Love to push the ball and run the floor. Great court awareness and  high basketball IQ.
Contact: 403 890-9109
Player: Duvan Munoz
Info: 21 6’3 wing from Vancouver BC and I’m looking to hoop. I redshirted one year at a USports school and did my following 2 years at the PacWest level. I’m 210 pounds and I can play 2-4.
Contact: 16043753409
 Player: Devon Langelaar
Info: 6'1, 24 years old. Can play the 1, 2 or 3. Played in high school as a facilitator/defender. Don't have to count on me to be a ball hog. Played more hockey but my family were all college players in the ACAC and CIS level and follow basketball with a passion. Would just just love to be a part of a team and in the game again.
Phone: 4038774789
Tyler Malkin
33 years old 5'11"
Played high-school and club in Calgary my whole life, played for the rumble team the last 4-5years in csmba
Position either pg or shooting guard. I'm a true pg who prefers to pass and get the team involved over scoring myself.
Looking to sub or join a team
Name: Mike Vincelli
Height: 5 ft 7
Age: 33
Position: Shooting/Guard
Played: Street ball since 8, High School, Coached a bit as well. Enjoy being a team role player/ facilitator.
Phone Number: 514-702-7260
Player: Neil Barnes
Info: I am 5'10" 200lbs, 59 can play guard or forward, played high school ball, have been playing in a rec league for the past 6 years.  Hard worker, looking to have fun and get some exercise. Interested in the masters division.
Contact: 403-999-4249
Player: Maclean Sprung
Info: I am a 6'2 guard. I can play any position needed. Played through high school and joined a league in Halifax through Uni. Looking forward to playing some ball. 
Contact: 403.992.1549
Tanner Pipestem 
Played HS ball,  Averaged 15 points, 5 assist a game. Played in tournaments in Alberta and Montana. I keep active with pick up games year round. I've joined individual in rec leagues before so have experience with joining new teams. 
Contact information-
Player: Mike Rehmann
Info: 6'2" and 38 years old.  Played years ago in Jr. High School as a forward and a center and again maybe ten years ago with cssc.  Been getting back into it lately and it'd be great to have a team to work with.  Average shooter, pretty good rebounder, great attitude and team play.
Player: Alexander Bunyan
Info: I am 6’3 and 20 years old I can play positions 3, 4 and if needed the 5. I played high school basketball in div 1, club basketball and community for 10+ years. I can stretch the floor well and shoot consistent at mid to long range, as well as being able to post up in the paint. I also have a high basketball IQ and have good court vision. After a few years away from basketball I’m looking to come back and compete and help my team to the best of my ability.
Player: Seth Moser
Info: 6'9 225lb 24 year old center or power forward, comfortable playing outside the arc and well versed playing the motion offence system. Played varsity throughout highschool and a year in ACAC at King's University. Been coaching with the OBA for the last few years and I'm itching to get back in and play again myself. 
Player: Kees Rutten
Age 39 6'4" 215lbs, very fit. Played high school and 1 year at NAIT. Several years of men's league in Edmonton and a couple years here. Not competitive for a few years but still always practicing and playing pick up. Can play shooting guard as well as small forward, strong defender. Play much younger than my age.
780 237 7617
Player: Harman Chaudhary
Info: Height: 5'10" 29 180lbs I'm new to town and looking to join a team. Played in high school (4years) and university (3years) but has been a few years. Very passionate to start playing again!
Contact: 778-378-9045
Player: Alan Hong
Info: 6'0" 200lbs 34 SF but open to playing other positions, HS, University, Community, NBA buff, owns multiple basketballs, relatively new to Calgary, wanted to play some regular ball, make friends, and be integral in teams long term growth and success
Contact: 403-519-9675
Player: Eric Krill
Info: 6'0" 220lbs 30yrs able to play 1, 2, and 3 position well and 4 in small ball line ups like a draymond green but can shoot. New to town from Ontario, played high school varsity all 5 years (captain last 2) with competitive travel throught the states. Good defender with high IQ.
Contact: 519-317-8263
Player: Matt Littlejohns
Info: 34yo - 5'11"  - Forward. Played Sr HS ball 10-12 religiously + a few seasons DivF . Still have some hops for my decrepit age. Looking to pull down boards, win some games and have fun. 

Fedja Matic
Info: I’m new to the city. I’m 6’3 210, 31 and played hs and some college. Looking to hoop a bit and get competitive. Position wise I played it all, whatever y’all need, I just hoop. I just like to get out there and compete and move the ball, have some fun. Still can run and dunk so catch me before I’m fully washed!


Player: Robert Rees
Info: 29 year old 6 feet tall. Played all of high school and a ton of pick up. Looking for something more organized. High motor and I love to rebound, don’t mind sitting on the bench, great team player. 
Contact: 587-436-1166
Player: Conner McLelland
Info: 6’4, 200lbs at 19yrs old. I can play positions 2 and 3 and can be a stretch 4. The best stats I put up in div 1/2 competition in club/high school ball are (35pts 13rbs 5ast 2stl) and (24pts 11rbs 9ast). I'm a fun guy who loves to joke around and win. My strongest assets are competitiveness, shooting, shot-creating, and passing IQ; And am good with driving and paint fundamentals/moves. Played high school ball (missed out on senior year cause of covid) and spent an extra year in high school. This year we placed 2nd in div2 championships. I also played for CBA teams “B” and “A” in my final two years of club ball. I'm looking for any team who can challenge me to become a better player and improve my bag and a team I can have fun training with on and off of the court. 
Contact: (403)888-5463

Name: Priyam Aditya Singh 

Info: 6’1, 84kgs, 26 y/o. Small forward/PF. Pros: Team first mentality, good defence, post and mid range. Great overall game IQ. 

Cons: 3pt shooting. Last time i played was in men’s league Kamloops. Avg 10 points, 5 Rebs and 6 Ast. 

Contact: // text: 8255618191


Player: Lyndon Hall

Infoi: 6’0” 43 Shooting guard/small forward, defensive specialist, utility. I am a solid player. I’m not going to dominate a game but I will generally shut down someone else from dominating unless they are very good.  I’m a solid 5-10 point/game utility player.  I move the ball fast and I know the game inside and out. I’m looking for a team that’s fun to play on and without attitudes. I’m too old and too busy to spend time playing on a team that isn’t fun.  I played for 20+ years and played in High School, and then took a break to play rec hockey. I also coached and reffed bball for a few years. I’m a team player and I want to have some fun.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Oh and if my shot is on, I will drain 3s when the timing is right (i.e. rebounders in position and not when someone is wide open in the key).


Name: Baxter Kawula
Info: 26 6’4” 220lbs Originally from Saskatoon where I competed in A/B division for many years. I played in Calgary’s division C this year and won first place. I’m looking for a team to play with in the spring/summer — preferably in A/B but would be happy in C again. I’m a very athletic player who can play all positions but prefer 3/4. Best known for my ability to score and rebound, but love to  get after it on defence. Typically average 20-25 points a game. 
Contact: 306-250-6267 or
Player: Jose Miranda
Info: 6' 3" I've been playing since middle school, high school and college , I played provincials 4 times in high school and 4 college played provincials 3 times and 2 Nationals.
I have good skills dribbling and scoring but I like  to play defense more...I'm truly believe that points come easy from a good defense and good team  play..I like to Hustle and help my teammates to score... passing the ball makes easy buckets.
Looking to join a team have fun and get W's.
Contact: 403 603 8019

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