Calgary Senior Men's Basketball Association 2023-24 Regulations

Note that some of these regulations are modified for Spring League
Discipline Procedures
The following will describe and categorize varying infractions by degrees of severity and the penalties incurred by such infractions.  
Discipline administered may encompass more than one section per incident. The terms of suspensions listed are a minimum for each infraction. A player's past record is considered and will influence the decision. Initiation and retaliation, where applicable, are  also considered. Probationary periods and requirements to issue letters of apology may also be assessed.
This is designed to deal with infractions committed by player(s), teams and guests of teams.  Incidents of misconduct directed against GAME OFFICIALS will be dealt with by C.S.M.B.A. and C.B.O.A.
A player who fails to go immediately to his bench after being ejected will incur further penalty.  A player under suspension for any of the following sections shall not involve himself with the game in any way and shall not enter the gym when his team is involved in any regular season game(s) falling within his suspension.
Game suspensions will be carried over from one season to the next, and apply to an individual no matter what team he plays with.  Players who play in both the regular league and Masters Division will have fines and suspensions in each league treated independently except for serious infractions that could impact both divisions.
The disciplinary committee, where required, will hold discipline hearings, within a reasonable period of being notified of the infraction.  Players will be notified verbally or in writing of the decision made.
The Discipline Committee will consist of any 3 of the following: President, Vice-President, Division Commissioners, Treasurer, Discipline Coordinator, a representative from CBOA or members at large.
Monetary fines will be imposed on players for the following suspensions in the amount of $25 per game (plus GST) to a maximum of $500 (plus GST) for suspensions arising from one game. All fines are to be paid online before reinstatement of a player. Fines paid by cash or cheque will be increased by a minimum of $5.
Players may appeal their suspension after paying the fine and an additional $25 appeal fee. The appeal fee plus any reduction in the fine will be refunded if the appeal is successful.
Appeals are allowed for suspensions other than those related to accumulation of technical or unsportsmanlike fouls.
The CSMBA will support the suspension of any player assessed by the facilities we play in, the CBOA or Basketball Alberta.
Individuals or teams that demonstrate a year over year pattern of fines, suspensions, ejections, significant fouls or other discipline issues will be subject to additional sanctions, fines and suspensions.

One to Six Game Suspensions
The length of suspension for the following will be determined based on specific game / incident circumstances.

  1. Any player accumulating three technical and/or unsportsmanlike fouls (including those received while on the bench), be it through a single game or accumulated over the season, receives an automatic one game suspension. 
  2. A further two technical &/or unsportsmanlike fouls (cumulative five for season) will result in an additional two (2) game suspension and related fine.
  3. Upon reaching six technical &/or unsportsmanlike fouls for the season, the player is suspended for the balance of the season including play-offs.

Note that players that must leave a game when they are assessed the prescribed number of technical &/or unsportsmanlike fouls per FIBA rules that results in an automatic game suspension. If at the same time the player also reaches one of the thresholds noted above, the suspensions noted above still apply.

  1. A player ejected from a game, except for players leaving for the reason noted above. Additional sanctions will be assessed for not leaving in a timely manner and/or continuing to argue with referees or other officials after being ejected.
  2. A player found playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  3. Abusive, threatening and/or disrespectful language, contact or gestures directed towards players, officials, facility staff or other spectators, prior to, during or after the game.
  4. Striking on purpose an opponent or official with the ball, or actions that appear to suggest an opponent or official will be struck by a ball.
  5. Joining an altercation between 2 or more players.
  6. Intentionally kick, punch, push or otherwise strike an opponent prior to, during or after the game.
  7. Fighting.
  8. Intent to injure. (Second such offense will result in a playing ban for the remainder of the season at minimum)
  9. Players who refuse to leave the gym when directed to by an official.
  10. Spitting or trying to spit on a player or official.
  11. Failing to treat gym staff, equipment and facilities with care and respect. This includes arguing with MNP Sport Centre staff about having to pay an entrance fee due to not having a facility pass.
  12. Failing to observe the rules of the facility including the requirement to leave by the official closing time.
  13. A player playing under another name or playing with more than one team. Discipline is increased where the player does so while suspended.

(Second offence of any of the above (or combination of these) will result in a minimum of three games suspension and a player review by the disciplinary committee.)

Season or Permanent Suspensions

  1. Players involved in a violent altercation, or exhibiting threatening behavior towards opponent(s), official(s), facility staff or patrons before, during or after the game. 
  2. Players that assault, threaten, harass or otherwise abuse officials or scorekeepers before, during or after games. 
  3. Players that accumulate 3 or more game ejections during a season and/or who demonstrate an ongoing disregard for league officials and/or regulations. 
  4. Any combination of any the above infractions in one or more seasons may result in season, multi-season or permanent expulsion depending on the severity of the incident(s). 
  5. Players with multiple seasons of 4 or more technical / unsportsmanlike fouls per season will be subject to reduced thresholds for suspensions, probationary period, season or permanent suspension depending on the severity of individual’s history. 
  6. Any action that jeopardizes CSMBA's reputation and / or facility bookings.

Team Discipline
Teams will be disciplined for the following:
1.   Default of game (not able to field five (5) players at start of game due to missing players or not having a valid uniform).  Team will lose their $100.00 performance bond and must replenish it prior to playing their next game.
2.   Teams knowingly playing ineligible players as follows (for league and exhibition games):

  • Unregistered or suspended player(s).
  • Player(s) registered with another team.
  • Players that have not completed the online registration including completion of waivers and obtaining Basketball Alberta membership.
  • Players playing under a false name and or jersey number.
  • Players in the Masters Division that are less than 35 years of age as at December 31 of the current season.

Fines will range between $50 and $500 (plus GST) fine per player or team, game forfeiture, suspension of player(s) or teams for the remainder of the season or permanently.

3.   Teams who do not take steps to control disruptive behavior by their players, coaches and guests, which result in injuries or damage to other persons, property, the rental facility/staff or CSMBA’s reputation, during any game, warm-up or post game activity. Fines to range from $25 to $500 (plus damages), suspensions or expulsion depending on the severity of the incident.
4.  Teams that demonstrate ongoing disciplinary issues including but not limited to:

  • multiple technical & unsportsmanlike fouls, player ejections, called games
  • disrespect and/or abuse of facility staff and property, scorekeepers, game officials and opposing teams
  • failure to pay fees or fines on time
  • serious player suspensions

Discipline can include fines, probationary periods with a requirement to post a bond and suspension for the balance of the season, the following season or permanently.

General Regulations
1.     Teams must register a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 15 players on their roster. Each player must be registered online at least 24 hours prior to the first game played and by no later than December 1. Registrations will not be accepted after this date.
2.     Each player must play a minimum of 10 league games to participate in playoffs.  It is the responsibility of scorekeepers to record players from both teams listed on the score sheet that did not play. This is how the league confirms the number of games played.
3.     Once a player is registered with a team, he may not play with any other team in any other division for that season (except for those who can also play in Masters Division).
4.     Players must be registered with the Alberta Basketball Association before playing in any game. This is to ensure the player is sanctioned which provides legal protection to both CSMBA, the team and the players. ABA also provides medical coverage for injuries sustained in our games. Note that the coverage is designed to be the last to pay, meaning that you need to exhaust coverage through personal / work medical coverage and provincial health care first. 
5.     Any player who has not registered online and plays in any games will be suspended and his team defaults all games he played in.
6.     All players must wear the same color and style of uniform and all uniforms should have clearly visible numbers on the front and back. Numbers on the front are to be at least 6 inches, back 8 inches. Failure to do so may result in discipline including loss of points, providing points to the opposing team and automatic default of the game. Reversible uniforms are required. Players are expected to wear the same number for the entire season.
7.     Teams must pay league fees (and any default penalties or fines from the previous season) by the registration deadline established by the association each year. Teams who submit fees paid after this date (in whole or part) are subject to late fees or may not be accepted into the league.
8.     Game results are to be reported by Scorekeeping staff. In the absence of league scoring staff, teams must supply a timer and scorer. The winning team is required to report the following results to the commissioner:

  • date of game
  • full name and division of teams playing
  • score of game and winning team
  • absence of timers, scorers, and officials
  • any technical or unsportsmanlike fouls, suspensions and comments from officials and players
  • contact information for scorekeeper to facilitate payment where applicable (including name, phone number and email) 

9.     Each team must pay a one-time $100 performance bond that is forfeit when the team defaults a game. The bond is intended to discourage defaults and recover fixed costs of a game. Once a team leaves our association in good standing, the bond is refunded.
10.   Teams who default a game lose their $100 performance bond and must replenish it prior to their next game.  Any subsequent games are defaulted without payment of this bond.
11.    All teams shall play FIBA rules as modified by CSMBA. 

12.    Games are 4 quarters of 10 minutes each. Breaks between quarters 1-2 and 3-4 are 1 minute and 5 minutes at halftime. For overtime, the clock is set for 7 minutes of running time. The first team to score 7 points in overtime is the winner. Where neither team scores 7 points, the team leading at the end of 7 minutes is the winner. If teams are still tied, a non-playoff game is declared a tie. For play-off games, the next team to score wins.
13.    Teams finishing first and second in their division after regular season play will be moved up a next division in the following season.
14.    Teams finishing last and second last in their division after regular season play will be moved down a division in the following season.
15.    Notwithstanding 12 & 13, the Executive will intervene and place teams in divisions where it is in the best interests of the league.
16.    Teams may be moved between divisions during the season, where the executive decides it is in the best interests of the divisions affected, including after seeding rounds.
17.    Teams are held responsible if the actions of any team member, coach or guest results in injury, damage or threat to any person or property during a game, warm-up or post game activity or if these actions impair the reputation of CSMBA.
18.     Players and coaches are expected to participate with the spirit of fair play and respect for the game. Officials, opponents, timer/scorers as well as facility staff & equipment are to be treated with courtesy and respect. The rules of each facility will be observed and respected.
19.     Players in the Masters Division must be at least 35 years old as of December 31 of the current season.
20.     To ensure only registered players participate in our games, players must be able to produce during any game their driver's license (or other government photo identification) to validate their identity, address and age.
21.     Each team must identify a Floor Captain to the referees and scorekeeper before each game. Only the Floor Captain can ask questions of the referees.

22.     Where teams are required to produce a pass to enter the facility (i.e. MNP Sport Centre), they will ensure that all team members have one and are aware that the pass is for use of facilities related to our games only. When required, teams will return passes (i.e. when transferred to a division that does not use the gym). Failure to produce a pass at the MNP access gate may result in the facility entrance fee to be paid.

Commissioner Responsibilities
1.    Ensure that teams are notified of the annual meeting at least one month in advance. When contacting teams, the following information should be provided:

  • the date and place of the meeting
  • confirm if the team wishes to play in the upcoming season
  • the amount of league fees due by which dates
  • advise of any outstanding fines due with league fees and suspensions to be carried over

2.    At the annual meeting, ensure that the following issues are addressed:

  • who are the returning teams and which teams are moving up or down
  • advise date when rosters are due 
  • ensure fees have been paid and receipts issued where requested
  • advise teams when the schedule will be available
  • get general feedback on the Association
  • review playoff eligibility, tie-breaking and discipline procedures
  • review entry procedures at MNP Sports Centre that must be followed
  • advise how teams access the website to view other league information

3.   Advise team representatives that in addition to representing their team, they are responsible for the actions of team members and their guests on the court and in the facility where games are played. They are responsible for ensuring CSMBA has a positive reputation with the facilities we rent.
4.   Make teams aware of the rules of the facilities we rent, including those that have a requirement for each player to have a facility pass to enter the gym area.
5.   Ensure that each team is aware that referees deserve respect each game and that the Association has a formal process in place to register concerns about officiating.
6.   Ensure that each team is aware of league information available on our website including regulations.
7.   Ensure that all teams know their players must be registered online.
8.   Where scorekeepers are not available, ensure that teams know that they are obliged to provide one person to assume timing and scoring duties

9.   Ensure that teams that are eligible for playoffs are notified of venues and times.
10. Be aware of any gym or game cancellations and communicate the effect they have on your division schedule. Notify teams affected, the scorekeeper coordinators and referee scheduler.
11.  Work closely with the Discipline coordinator to ensure that discipline is administered on a timely basis.
12.  Represent the concerns of your division by attending each executive meeting.
13.  Ensure that all fees and fines are collected in a timely manner.
Executive and Scorekeeping Coordinator Responsibilities

  1.  The following duties will be shared by the President, Vice-President and Members at Large: attraction, retention and maintenance of gym facilities, ongoing search for new facilities; planning of playoffs, socials, and annual meeting; updating of forms and publications; leveraging website functionality for executive and member benefit; liaison with other basketball organizations including referees & Basketball Alberta; administration and tracking of discipline procedures; keeping official records of the association; maintaining Society Act registration. 
  2. The Discipline and Scorekeeper coordinators will be responsible for the following:
  • Advertise for, hire and train scorekeepers
  • Monitor on a weekly basis the status of player infractions, ensuring that discipline is administered on a timely basis.
  • Where suspensions or fines are to be assessed, ensure that individual players, team representatives and division commissioners are notified by email and team fees are updated on the website.
  • Maintain a record of the absence of timers, scorers and officials and gym cancellations, and notify the appropriate person.
  • Notify commissioners where online rosters of teams are not the same as recorded at games.
  • Track attendance of scorekeepers and performance deserving of bonuses.

General Accounting Procedures
1.   All disbursements should be made by cheque, supported by invoices or evidence of receipt of the service or product.
2.   The Treasurer should prepare all cheques.
3.   Cheques should have two signatures. The signing authorities should include the President, Treasurer, Vice-President and at least one other member of the executive.
4.   The Treasurer should make all deposits on a timely basis. Where cash is given to the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer for deposit, a signed receipt should be issued when requested.
5.   Excess funds should be invested by the Treasurer in government or high-grade (low risk) interest bearing facilities according to estimates of future cash requirements as approved by the Executive.
6.   The Treasurer will transact business on behalf of the Association only with prior approval from the executive.
7.   Cash advances should be avoided, but where required, invoices should be provided to the Treasurer to support payments.
8.   The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining appropriate accounting records.
9.   The Treasurer should report the cash position of the Association at each regular meeting of the Association.
10.  A Statement of Affairs should be presented to the executive at the next meeting immediately following the accounting year-end.
11.  The Treasurer shall ensure that the financial records and statements are reviewed on an annual basis by a peer review committee and submitted for approval by the Executive. In addition, monthly bank reconciliation should be prepared and documented.
12.  The Treasurer shall ensure that payment of league fees made via the website is reviewed and reconciled on an ongoing basis to ensure net fees received are appropriate.
13.  Reconciliation of gym rental fees to the master gym schedule should be reconciled during the season and at the end of the year to ensure the total amount paid is reasonable.

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